Education for Life


As an academic institution we are judged by the quality of our teaching and results - our reputation depends on these.

Brooke House allows students to develop their potential to the full. For the most able student this will mean top grades and a place at one of the country’s best universities, but over its 45 year history Brooke House has taken equal pride in drawing the best out of less able students.

Academic Staff

Academic qualifications and expertise, teaching experience and an ability to relate to young people from different cultural backgrounds are the criteria by which Brooke House tutors are selected. Many of our staff are or have been A Level and GCSE examiners and several members of the teaching faculty have been school inspectors. Regularly, current students, and former students at reunion events, describe teaching at Brooke House as the best they have ever encountered, and often those at university comment on how well Brooke House has prepared them for further academic life.


The maximum class size at Brooke House is 12. Such a staff-student ratio promotes a highly personal style of teaching. Tutors can quickly perceive areas of weakness in students and react to them effectively and sensitively. Specific learning difficulties can be swiftly addressed. Tutors bring a wide variety of teaching styles, methods and approaches to the classroom. In small, relatively informal classes students feel confident to voice opinions, contributing to group discussions, as well as to admit if they have not understood.


Students’ progress is monitored constantly by Senior Tutors and Team Leaders. As we are a small college Senior Tutors and Team Leaders can liaise closely with other staff discussing either areas of improvement or problems. Students are interviewed every half term by their Team Leader to discuss their academic situation. Senior Tutors and Team Leaders report to the Director of Studies and Assistant Principal who ultimately oversee all courses and any course changes. Regular practice examinations are set in each subject and performance is closely analysed. Parents receive half termly reports, which include a record of test performance, but can be kept in more close contact by arrangement. The college will always be happy to discuss a son or daughter’s progress with his or her parents by telephone.


Regular practice examinations are seen as an invaluable part of the Brooke House learning process. Ultimately and obviously, students must have a deep understanding of the syllabus content to be successful in examinations, but in addition to knowledge they must have the ability, determination and confidence to express this understanding in writing in a prescribed period of time in a precise and concise way. In examination review and study skills sessions tutors concentrate on personal organisation, and instruction in techniques of examination preparation and question interpretation.


Brooke House has a number of excellently-equipped laboratories in which to conduct practical work. We have dedicated computer rooms for academic courses as well as enrichment activities. Art and Design is becoming an increasingly popular subject option and at Brooke House we have a fully equipped Art Studio. The University and College Admission (UCAS) office houses all university brochures and other Higher Education information materials. The Paul Kitchener (PK) Building acts as a supervised student study centre during the school day, Monday to Friday. The PK Building and all academic buildings have unlimited WiFi available.