Calling all former pupils from Brooke House College in 1963 – 1965 and those who were in the school summer term 1980


William (Bill) Franklin was a pupil at Brooke House College from 1963 to 1965. He was here with his sister Alexandra. After leaving the school, he remained in contact with pupils from the school and indeed some staff.

In keeping in contact, he went on a school trip to Crystal Palace in June 1980. The trip was to see Bob Marley and the Wailers perform. Bill recalls others from the trip; namely Mike from Greece, who took a cine camera to record the event, Pamela and Jessica Leuhusen sisters from Lund in Sweden, Bright from Nigeria, a chief’s son who went on to business activities in America, and Payman and Siermac from Iran.

A blue plaque is being arranged for the Crystal Palace site to commemorate the occasion, and a film is also being produced collecting stories and audio/video footage of the event. If anyone who attended the school trip has any photographs, cine film or other memorabilia, please contact Bill Franklin using…

Alternatively, you can contact the college and we will pass the information on to Bill.


The College recently heard from Peter Gilbert, one of the original members of Brooke House College when it moved into our current main campus building.

Read about his memories below.

In 1950 I began my education at what was at the time called The Collegiate School which was situated down the road from The Elms (Now Brooke House) and on the opposite side. I believe that this building is now the home of a Solicitors (Fisher German next to The Angel Hotel, now a boys’ boarding house for the college).

I think it was in 1960 or 61 this school moved to the present location and changed its name to Brooke House we all moved into the new premises which seemed so different from our old school it was so much larger and there was the new classrooms that had just been built (wooden structures) also we had several new teachers.

I think the majority of the old Collegiate School pupils that moved into this new school, and all the very different and challenging circumstances that we faced, soon realised that things were going to be so much better and we all enjoyed our time and we could see that this was just the beginning of a very bright future for the school.

I finished my education in 1961 and on leaving to face the big new world away from the school environment I soon found out what a great foundation that I had been given.

I finally joined the Police Force and I’m proud to say that because of my education I achieved top marks for my entrance examination, but I also was the top student in the Police College.

I left Harborough in 1967 to take up my post as a Police Constable but my life was shaped by my informative years of the School that I loved so much.

I have always taken an interest in Brooke House and watching it grow into the College that it is today and I hope that it will continue to grow but not forgetting the individual and their many needs.

I’m very proud of being one of the first pupils at Brooke House and the start that it gave me in this world.