Distance Learning (Online) - Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

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EPQ is short for Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). An EPQ is an independent research project which involves writing an essay of 5000 words (approximately 10 typed pages), or creating a product, which might be anything from an art object to an iPhone app. As the project evolves, students must complete a production log to record specific stages of the project and this also contributes to the project result. The third component of the project is an oral presentation.

Generally, the whole process from start to finish takes around 120 hours. There's no set time limit for completing an EPQ, but most students use the summer holiday period at the end of Year 12 to do the preliminary research and then complete the project in the early part of Year 13. It is a formal NQF 'level 3' qualification that attracts slightly higher UCAS Tariff points than AS-Level qualification. 

  • A-Level, Graded A*-E (UCAS points 56-16)
  • AS-Level, Graded A-E (UCAS points 20-6)
  • EPQ, Graded A*-E (UCAS points 28-8)

Students receive teaching and guidance to get started, to help with planning, researching and presentation skills, and to keep the learner on track as they work through the chosen project. There are no formal restrictions on what the project subject can be: that's negotiated between the learner and project adviser. The three assessments will be decided by the adviser/teachers, the exam board then 'moderates' the given marks to check they're grading correctly.