Airport & Eurostar Transfers

The care starts the moment the students arrive at the airport or train station. Before leaving for the UK, we give parents and students detailed information about how they will get from the airport or train station to Brooke House. This includes:

  • The name and telephone number of the Brooke House driver or staff member
  • An exact meeting point (easy directions and clear photographs are available below)
  • Emergency contact numbers and instructions for students

Please click on the links below to see what your child should do and where they will need to go when they arrive. It would be a good idea for you to print out this information and give it your child, as well as the transfer confirmation that we send. 

The person collecting your child will be holding a Brooke House Summer School sign so please tell your child to look for that. The sign will also have the name of your child on it and will look like the example in the meeting instructions below.

When they arrive, the students are driven or taken by train directly to Brooke House College by a staff member. They will be met there by a member of staff. Students are given the opportunity to telephone their parents as soon as they arrive at the college. 

Please make sure that you have sent us the arrival and departure details of your child so that we can make all of the necessary arrangements. You can send this information by email to 

Return Airport / Eurostar Transfer Costs & Journey Times

Airport & Eurostar Meeting Instructions