At Brooke House College we are committed to achieving excellent learning outcomes. We look to strive in every area to help to develop the character of our students who come from a multi-cultural and diverse ways of life. We want our pupils to become independent thinkers who embrace change and are ready to face the challenges ahead.

Brooke House Children are busy and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Brooke House life. Football is central to many of the children’s day to day life but there is more. We constantly look to develop them by ensuring all children are exposed to enrichment opportunities. It is essential that our children are given these fantastic opportunities to take part in arts, sports, academic pursuits, community events, charitable pursuits and more. Helping them build character and confidence on their own personal climb up their summit to achieve the very best they can, is a privilege and one we take very seriously. Our inaugural Brooke House Olympiad will create teamwork opportunities in the areas of competition, creativity and community engagement.

Visits take place abroad, to museums, art galleries, historic buildings, and sporting events. A college Olympiad offers the opportunity to participate in, in-house school competitions, community projects and charitable initiatives.

Pupils are offered the opportunity to participate in WOHAA or the Wings of Hope Award. This offers an opportunity to make a difference for others in the local community and raise awareness of important causes. Additionally, younger pupils work on a sustainability design project that builds upon the HPL Perspectives study of endangered species that we have successfully completed in previous years.

In September 2023 the College has been chosen to be a global Climate Action School, one of a hundred globally and representatives for the UK. We are embedding sustainability learning into the curriculum to build awareness and understanding around diversity, inclusion and equality that will inform our students about ethics and the green dimension of future employment and agency. Mentor groups will embark upon Sustainable Development Goals innovation challenges this year to create solutions and inspire design thinking to address local and global issues.