Terms & Conditions

  1. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure they are fully understood before enrolling your child for a place at Brooke House College. They form part of a legally binding contract between parents, students and the College, which becomes operative when the college receives the Enrolment Deposit and Admissions Administration Fee and produces the Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)/Confirmation of Enrolment, with joining instructions. These Terms and Conditions reflect the normal regulations and practices of independent colleges throughout the United Kingdom.
  2. In order to make an application to the College, the Registration Form should be completed in full, signed by the parents/guardians and sent to the College by email, fax or post. Upon receipt of the completed Registration Form, the College will issue an Offer Letter, which will set out details of the course on which the student has been accepted and an enrolment deposit invoice will be sent.
  3. In order to accept the offer of a place, the student’s sponsor should pay the Enrolment Deposit of £3000.00 and Admissions Administration Fee of £200.00. Upon receipt of the Enrolment Deposit and Admissions Administration Fee, the College will issue a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)/Confirmation of Enrolment, which will confirm the student’s place at the College. A legally binding contract has then been entered into between the College, the student and the parents (or guardians), and, on payment of the Enrolment Deposit and Admissions Administration Fee, parents, guardians and students are deemed to have both read and accepted these Terms and Conditions and accept this contract. A Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) is provided for Tier 4 visa applicants and a Confirmation of Enrolment letter is provided for students who do not require a visa to study in the UK
  4. A statement of account will be sent along with the CAS /Confirmation of Enrolment and joining instructions showing details of payments made on behalf of the student, and fees due to the College.
  5. All charges shown on the account are payable in advance of the course. (Please refer to details of fees on the accompanying sheet). Non-payment of fees gives the College the right to end the student’s course and exclude him or her from the College premises. Interest will be charged at 1% per week on any outstanding accounts until payment is made in full.
  6. Should any student leave the College before the completion of his or her course one full term’s notice in writing must be given by both the parent (or guardian) and the student, otherwise one term’s fees must be paid in lieu of proper notice. In the case of students from overseas holding visas who leave before completion of their course the relevant immigration authorities will be informed. The College is unable to refund any fees when students are absent due to accident or illness. Students are accepted by the College on the basis that they must reach their objective of university entrance through the College provision of courses. Therefore students on such courses as English Language Preparation courses and high school certificate (GCSE) courses are automatically enrolled to progress on to matriculation courses of A Level or University Foundation. The parent/guardian must therefore give the standard term’s notice if they do not wish to progress further at the College.
  7. The parent or guardian is responsible for any additional costs that a student may incur during the course of study, including textbooks, stationery, external examination fees and excursions and activities. These will be charged retrospectively. The College will (without prejudice to any other remedy available to it) have in respect of all unpaid fees or other costs due from a parent or guardian a lien on all property, personal or otherwise in the possession of a student for whatever purpose and whether worked upon or not and be entitled on the expiration of not less than 14 days’ notice in writing to the student and parent or guardian to dispose of such property and to apply the proceeds towards satisfaction of such unpaid fees or other costs.
  8. Students who fail to co-operate with the College, for example, by failing to complete work or indulging in anti-social behaviour, will be subject to the College Rules and Regulations and the College’s Disciplinary Procedure, details of which are given to all students and parents prior to arrival at the College. Students who repeatedly break the College rules and/or regulations or who commit a single offence of a serious nature will be liable to permanent exclusion from the College. In such instances no refund of the relevant term’s fees will be made and any invoiced but unpaid fees become payable.
  9. Brooke House shall not be liable for either death or personal injury suffered by any student except as may arise through the negligence of Brooke House.
  10. Students are liable for any damage caused by them to the premises in which they are taught or in which they are accommodated during the term.

    Academic conditions:
  11. Students who do not perform satisfactorily in their coursework will not be entered for external public examinations by the College.
  12. Students are accepted into the College on the strict understanding that progression through the course is conditional upon satisfactory attendance and successful attainment of prescribed performance targets. Students are formally assessed regularly throughout the year. The assessment will take into consideration: coursework, internal College examination results, attendance, effort in class and in homework and public examination potential. Students who do not meet the attainment criteria will not be allowed to proceed with their original course but will be offered an alternative course or invited to withdraw from the College.
  13. If a particular subject is under-subscribed, the College reserves the right to make a supplementary charge or provide a smaller number of hours’ tuition or even private tuition for the same fee.