Strength and Conditioning & Video Analysis

Many Academy fixtures are digitally recorded and player performance and decision making are analysed by the coaching and Video Analyst team.

A professional data management system is used to record of match and training statistics, ratings, evaluation and player's injury tracking. All data collected is communicated to players and parents through the player's login to their profile on the data management system.

Footage obtained can also be distributed to professional clubs or Universities for the purpose of securing player trials.

The Academy uses the most current GPS system which squads can use on training and match days, which are then analysed and logged on the player data management system.

The Academy has a lead Strength and Conditioning Coach whose role it is to ensure that all players develop their physical attributes to the maximum.

The Academy staff can design individual training programmes to target Strength and Conditioning.

All academy players complete regular fitness testing across the season to monitor progression through several different tests.