English as a Foreign Language & IELTS

An Intensive English (IE) Language Course is available to those students who need to improve their English language level as quickly as possible before embarking on an academic course.

The Intensive English Course is taught at three levels, allowing students to make maximum progress during their course. This helps to prepare them as thoroughly as possible for their GCSE, A level or UFP course with an opportunity to sit for IELTS examinations.

In some cases, students may study Intensive English alongside their academic studies if there is a need for extra support and the students’ timetables permit it. For example, a student taking the two-year Foundation course may opt to take 2 subjects only in each term of their first year in order to have some extra English and IELTS lessons.

The Intensive English courses entail study in specific academic subjects, such as Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, IT and Mathematics. This enables students to gain a maximum grasp of subject-specific language.

English Language is also an integral part of academic courses such as GCSE and A level, ensuring continued improvement of the student’s linguistic abilities. Teaching methods are innovative and varied with the teachers employing the most modern learning techniques and approaches. Flexible start dates are available throughout the academic year.

EFL Senior Leadership Team