At Brooke House College our aim is to provide a student with the same level of care that he or she could expect while living with his or her parents.

When students enrol at Brooke House they are immediately registered by the college's full-time Nurse, at the local medical practice, near to the college. As temporary residents of the UK, our pupils receive accident and emergency health care, under the National Health Service free of charge.

In addition to the roles of the Resident Tutors, which are concerned with monitoring students’ academic and general welfare, at Brooke House, we also have an independent listener, a professional and sympathetic person whom students can approach at any time for help and advice, through counselling and support. The Resident Tutors meet on a weekly basis to promote the personal, health and social education of students, and to ensure the National Minimum Standards for Boarding (NMS) are always addressed in terms of compliance and how to make the boarding experience as safe as possible.

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