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The Motorsport's Jacky Liu found success recently in China's X-Treme Anniversary Race, sponsored by MAXXIS (Senior Class). He qualified in pole position with only 0.004 seconds gap, then finished 1st in the race.

Bespoke Courses Available

Brooke House College is well located for students involved in pursuing education and training in the Motorsport field.

Courses can be designed to include the following:

  • Car Control
  • Slip Angle
  • Understeer and Oversteer
  • Trail Braking
  • Wet Weather Conditions
  • Heel & Toe Techniques
  • Racing Lines in the Dry and Wet
  • Racing Skills
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology

Student Example - Jacky Liu

Since joining the Motorsport Academy Jacky has been busy. Beginning with a testing program at Whilton Mill on Wednesdays in a Senior X30 kart. Jacky coped with all conditions, including rain and ice - something he’s not used to! Jacky made huge steps every week and listened to all instruction. In January he gained his UK karting licence and started racing up against some of the best British senior drivers - hard when you are only 16.

Jacky continues to make further progress gaining higher finishing positions each time he races and this weekend he gained his best position. Jacky has tested our Formula Renault and again shows extreme confidence and maturity in race situations, so much so that we are now in the process of putting him forward for his Race Car licence test at Silverstone allowing him to take part in the BRDC British F3 2017 Championship.

Recently, Jacky successfully passed his ARDS test with flying colours (including achieving 100% in his written exam) at Silverstone.

In a short space of time Jacky has made huge progress, he is always enthusiastic and always giving 110% into everything he does. He is very proud to wear his race suit with the Brooke House College logo and jacket and is a pleasure to work with - he has a very bright future!

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Tern climbing out of his F4 car having gained his first ever F4 podium finish in his fourth ever F4 race in the 2021 UAE Championships

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