Brooke House College offers a bespoke and personal service to Franchise Partner Schools; assessing individual needs and providing an educational platform for a school to run successfully, efficiently and with an up-to-date perspective on education. With over 50 years’ experience in British education overseas and in the UK; we are able to offer an abundance of knowledge within education itself but also offering key intelligence on executing a successful business – maintaining longevity and growth in the market.

The crucial and indispensable point of buying into a franchise concept is that the school will be run in a tried and proven manner which has been used worldwide, with notable success. The limit of failure and risk is minimal due to the formulaic approach to the business model and management of the school.

Adopting this model will establish the schools position at the forefront of education.

Alongside this we can offer 20 years’ experience working with agents and education recruitment specialists in Nigeria and worldwide to support recruitment and keep marketing and visibility of the school buoyant.

• The Brooke House College Foundation Programme offers an alternative route into studying at a world-class university with just one year of study instead of the standard two year A- level Course, saving a year of fees.

• Flexible study options with two enrolment dates: September and January.

• On completion students’ benefit from receiving a comprehensive academic programme which embeds knowledge in a user friendly holistic manner.

• Graduating students can be guaranteed a place at university on condition they attain 40%+ in their overall final award.

• The curriculum is taught in small class sizes, offering a personal intimate experience.

• Students are prepared not only to expand their knowledge but to leave with the skills to study and excel at university.

• The curriculum is taught facilitating specialised academic language skills in the chosen area of study which assists in the preparation to study a specific degree.

• Students can choose from a variety of pathways: law, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, business, architecture, contour, being just a sample.

Mr Gary Chalmers (Vice Principal, Academic) visit to Bridge House College, Lagos, Nigeria.

Partnership Centres

 A level Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan

A level Centre, Tbilisi, Georgia

BHC-ERC Education, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Bridge House College, Lagos, Nigeria

British Nigeria Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

Cambridge College, Lagos, Nigeria

Darbi College, Sofia, Bulgaria

D-IVY School, Nigeria

Galaxy Uni-Prep, Abuja, Nigeria

INTEC, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Peking University New Century School, Wenzhou, China

Trinitate School, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Waldorf Knoll Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

Leicester Academy, Zhubei City, Taiwan

Tashkent State University of Law, Uzbekistan

Tashkent State University of Law


Contact Information

For further information, please contact Rachel Caine, Director of Partnership.

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